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Tom Graham believes in Technology, Education, and Growth

Technology - transparency in government and empowered citizens

Technology has evolved beyond newspapers. Public notices ought to directly and automatically inform citizens when their state or local government is making a decision that will cost individual households thousands of dollars above and beyond regular taxes. Holding your government accountable should be as easy as checking what movies are playing on Netflix.

We need to upgrade our laws to deal with the new reality of the internet. HYTA and Expungement laws are intended to give people who have paid their debt to society a second chance, but the internet takes that second chance away by allowing their past to follow them forever, we need to fix that.

Electronic signatures have been in used in commerce since 2001 in Michigan under the US E-Sign Act and the MI Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. But these Acts only apply to commerce, not voting and not petitions. Electronic petition signing and voting is inevitable. I want to make it secure, accurate and easy.

Education - the foundation of economic development

Michigan needs to train workers to fill 545,000 jobs by 2026, mostly in the fields of construction, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive and information technology. The State of Michigan must continue making Career Technology Education (CTE) a priority. We must destigmatize vocational school and skilled trades, and show students they can earn over $50,000/yr upon graduation from high school with no student debt.

Growth - the greatest force for change is a job

Michigan needs to continue supporting economic development though good infrastructure, developing highly skilled talent and low property, sales and income taxes.

I support House Bill 4816 (2019) so Kalamazoo can build the Downtown Arena using hotel and motel visitor usage taxes and private donations.

Michigan needs a comprehensive infrastructure plan that can be implemented over 10-20 years that a new governor cannot unilaterally override by issuing billions of dollars of bonds.