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Tom in woodsI'm Tom Graham and I'm running to be your Kalamazoo County Commissioner.

My father was a TV repairman but when technology made TV's more expensive to repair than to replace, his industry became obsolete. He went from a business owner to a Kalamazoo GM-Fisher Body union worker. As a member of a union family I learned the importance and power of solidarity, but also experienced the price union members and their families often pay.

I was raised in Augusta, Michigan and went to Kalamazoo County public schools. I'm a self-made person. I started my first business at 13 as a paper boy. I purchased my first computer at 14 and started making video games. At 16, I landed my first job programming software for Court Administrators. Since then I've been an independent consultant or employee in several highly regulated industries including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. For the last 12 years, I've been the IT Systems Development Manager at a hazardous waste disposal company.

My late wife Kim and I raised and boarded horses, published children's books, and ran a graphic design firm, as well as being Cub Scout Den and Girl Scout Troop leaders. I lost my wife to cancer at 37 after an 8 year battle.

Toms familyIn 2008, I met and married my wife Tammy whose father was also a Fisher Body UAW member and whose mother immigrated to the US and became a naturalized citizen. Tammy has owned and operated a successful real estate business since 2012. Together we have 5 children, 2 son-in-laws, 3 grandchildren, and are very proud of all their accomplishments and careers.

I've actively supported the Convention of States Project to bring the power of the people back to Michigan and limit the power of the Federal government.

I've lived a full life. 37 years of business experience, I know firsthand how Local and State Regulations can help or harm business. I've overcome struggles, experienced tragedies and have always taken personal responsibility for my failings and my future. I want to use my life experience to represent the people of District 9. I am a candidate for the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners.